OSRS: How to Quickly Upgrade Magic Skills

Old School RuneScape - Levels 1 to 17

To progress to Level 17, players will want to earn Air Runes, Water Runes, Fire Runes, Earth Runes, and Mind Runes. They will also want to equip some stick as this will allow them to set the autocast on any spell instead of manually casting it every time. Once this is done, the player will try to complete the "Imp Catcher" quest. By completing this mission, the player gains enough Magic Experience points to progress from Level 1 to Level 8.

After doing this, the player will have to grind to increase his level significantly. The best place to get it really early is to head to the fields around Lumbridge and kill the cows with the Wind Strike spell. As the player gains experience and levels up, they eventually unlock Water Strike, Earth Strike, then Fire Strike. Use them when they are all unlocked to maximize the amount of experience gained. By killing these cows, the player gets the bovine hides that can be taken and turned into hides before they are sold for a decent profit. This profit can then be used to buy more runes to cast more spells.

Old School RuneScape - Levels 17 to 33

Once a player reaches level 17, he will find that using Slash to kill cows no longer helps in accumulating a lot of experience points. The first thing a player will want to do here is what Chaos Runes earn on regular Elemental Runes. This is because instead of using Impact spells, the player switches to killing enemies with Bullet spells. They can start using Wind Bolt, but as they progress, they can turn into Water Bolt, Earth Bolt, and finally Fire Bolt to make sure they gain as much experience as possible for each cast.

The player will also want to change the type of enemies they are hunting by training their magical skill. A great place to gain experience is the southern part of Edgeville Dungeons, where the player will find the Giants of the Hill that can be attacked with magic from a safe place. This allows the player to gain a lot of experience while attacking, but these giants will also drop Big Bones and Limpwurt Root, which will come at a decent price when sold out. Players will also find Hobgoblins here to find a safe place to attack. They can resell Limpwurt Roots dropped by these enemies to pay for any additional runes needed.

Old School RuneScape - 33 to 55

Upon reaching level 33, players will want to earn some sort of Air Staff and pick up as many Law Runes as possible. This is because they can now throw a telekinetic grab, which allows the player to pick up all kinds of useful items from a great distance. Basically, this new ability allows players to attack enemies from a distance and still drop items without endangering themselves. They also earn experience points every time they use this skill.

There are several areas that a player can go to to use their skills and gain experience. First, they can go to the cow field behind the Craftsmen's Guild. Here they can put away a safe place and keep killing Hobgoblins. They can then also cast the Telekinetic Grab spell to retrieve items dropped by Hobgoblins without having to fight. Players can also do something similar with the Great Demons in the Demon Ruins, the Lesser Demon in the Wizard's Tower, and a few other places. Don't forget to sell resources to buy more runes.

Old School RuneScape - 55 to 99

Once players reach level 55, they will be given another option that will allow them to accelerate to 99 in no time. At the age of 55, they unlock a high-level Alchemy spell, which can be used on various items to turn them into as much gold as the player would receive if they sold them in a specialized store. This will cost the player five Fire Runes and one Nature Rune, but it can be very effective.

The trick is that the player first grabs the staff of the fire to access an unlimited number of fire runs. They can then go to the Great Exchange and buy as many pieces of equipment as possible from the Runes and Runes of Nature. The player can then throw high-level alchemy on these rune items and earn more OSRS gold than was purchased for. They can then do it over and over again until they reach the maximum level of magical ability.