OSRS - How to get a fire cape

If you prefer valuable items to OSRS gold, you probably want an idea of ??how to get a Fire Cape. However, this is not an easy task and there will be a tough boss that you will have to defeat before you can do it. As part of your preparation, consider purchasing OSRS Gold from someone who sells OSRS Gold in case you don't have the correct tools you need.

The Fight Caves

To find the boss that we have to defeat, you have to travel through Fight Caves. You have to descend Karamji underground via Karamja Dungeon and Crandor. There you will find a cave that leads to Mor Ul Rek, so head here where you will meet a few enemies that need to be dealt with. Specifically, you need to defeat Tz-Kih, Tz-Kek, Tok-Xil, Yt-Mejkot, and Ket-Zek before TzTok-Jad appears.

Facing Jad

While we don't have to worry about any skill requirements to take on Venom, we strongly recommend entering the battle caves at level 70 for Defense, Ranged, Highs, and Prayer. You'll want to aim for level 94 in Magic if you also choose the melee approach. When it comes to weapons, there are some useful ranged weapons including the Toxic Blowpipe, Twisted Bow, and Rune Crossbow for you to consider. For hand-to-hand combat, check out Saradomin Godsword as well as Dragon Halberd.

You'll face 62 waves of monsters before you get the chance to face Jad. Once you've overcome it, get ready for one of the toughest battles you've ever fought. Venom uses a combination of melee attacks and magic to throw at you. You can say that he will use his melee attack when he hits you with his fist. As for his magic attack, he'll stand up straight and spit fire at you, so listen when he growls, indicating he's about to attack. Also, watch out for the cracks in the floor as Jad knocks down his front legs.

When he is about half the health, Jad will call for healers to help him. You have to make sure you attack them to distract the boss. Then stick to Jad's ranged attacks and you'll quickly defeat him.

The Fire Cape

In order to ultimately overthrow Jad, you'll capture the Cape of Fire you've been working on. Thanks to its unique lava pattern, it is without a doubt one of the best melee capes in the game. It has the same protection stats as the Legend Cloak and Obsidian Cloak, plus dirty bonuses and is stackable. This wasn't always the case, and a game update was needed so that the Cloak could be stacked by defeating Jad multiple times.

Hopefully this endeavor means you don't have to resort to buying OSRS gold. However, since it is stackable, you can earn some OSRS gold at some point. The venom cannot be taken lightly, you will have to be well prepared, but the reward is worth it.