OSRS: Everything you need to know about the twisted bow

The twisted bow is one of the best weapons in OSRS, and here's what you need to know about it.

When it comes to items in Old School Runescape, there are many that are mentioned in the same breath as OSRS gold. One such item is the Twisted Bow, due to how much OSRS GP is worth and how effective it is. In this article, we'll discuss one of the best ranged weapons in the entire game, one that could bring you a decent amount of OSRS gold as well.

What is the twisted bow?

In Old School Runescape, the Twisted Bow is obtained as a reward by participating in Xeric's Chambers. You will need to have achieved a 75 ranged level if you want to be able to wield it and it has the ability to shoot any arrow in the game. It is considered one of the most valuable weapons in the game due to its ability to take down high-level Magic monsters. It has a range of 10 tiles, as with the Crystal Arch, with the possibility of gaining Defense XP.

If you are playing with an Ironman account, you should make sure you are using amethyst arrows instead of dragon arrows, which are much more difficult to obtain. You may also want to know some trivial facts about the bow. It works similar to the Hexhunter arc in RS3, if that's something you've encountered before. You will also notice the arc itself in a few other locations throughout the game. One place is outside the Theater of Blood where you will find the mercenary ranger wielding one. Another place is in the room where Nylocas Vasilias lives, where you will notice that the bow is hanging from one of the cobwebs here. In this case, the bow is only a scenic element and not a real object.

You can examine it, however, and you'll get a message that reads "It looks like the owner must have dropped it, what a bad luck!" Speaking of messages, we also noticed a change in a message if you were trying to start a fire once you completed your training in barbarian fire crafting. Usually, it says "Nothing interesting happens".

However, following the release of Inferno, which was a solo minigame released in 2017, the message was later changed to "It would be foolish to damage such an expensive bow with an attempt to fire. You're surprised you just now get it!"

How does it work?

The way the Twisted Bow works is that it doesn't focus on having a strength set like the other bows in the game. Instead, opt for a method where the higher your enemy's level of magic or accuracy, the greater the accuracy and damage the bow will give. There are limits to both, with the damage limit of 250 and the accuracy limit of 140.

This is different if you are in the Xeric Chambers, where the limit is increased to 350. When using the bow, you can get a maximum hit outside the Xeric Chambers of 83 if you are using the dragon arrows if you have the remote level 99. This is increased to 101 within Xeric's Chambers if you're using the full set of damage-increasing items and effects. If you do this without the Elite Void Knight Equipment, the damage output is 91. If you're wondering which bosses you can best use the bow against, then you're looking at the likes of brutal black dragons, as well as Hydra. Alchemica and also to Commander Zilyana.

As mentioned, the bow is incredibly effective against those who have high Magic power, which is why it is particularly effective against these particular enemies. You can expect to have exceptionally high damage and accuracy against these enemies when using the twisted bow. Others like TzKal-Zuk and Nylocas Vasilias are also useful, because they have high Magic accuracy, even if their Magic levels are lower overall. Finally, it can be very useful in PvP, even if that type of game carries its own risks like anywhere else. Overall, the Twisted Bow has a huge impact on your gameplay in some cases.