OSRS Best Mission Reward

In addition to gaining experience in OSRS Gold and Old School Runescape, there are some ways to earn mission points. Of course, you can get it through missions. No, this is not the only reward you can get for completing these achievements. In fact, you can expect a variety of rewards, including OSRS entries, access to new areas, etc. But which task will give you the best reward? In this article, we will look at what tasks you can perform to get amazing rewards.

Lost city

When you reach level 60 under attack, you will want to join this mission. The reason is that you will receive a series of rewards that are beneficial to you. Dragon daggers and long swords are now available in the Lost City. If you are new to the game, this is a huge increase in strength compared to what you have experienced so far.

Heroes’ Quest

Similarly, when you investigate, "Hero Exploration" will get worthy rewards. At this point, you have obtained the right to acquire a large number of dragon items that can be equipped when completing the mission. This highlights in particular that dragon-related weapons and OSRS items are often very useful in OSRS.

As long as the hero mission is still in progress, you can choose to use your dragon battle axe when completing the mission. For example, no matter where you are in the current game, weapons such as the Twisted bow are always very useful in OSRS. You can also use Glory Charge when you go to the Heroes' Guild. This allows you to use teleportation, which is a good way to bypass.

Dragon Slayer

If you have a free account with Old School Runescape and have reached the point where you want to use up almost all the mission content provided by the game, then it may be time to start the Dragon Slayer mission. .

This is an important task that you must participate in because it must provide rewards. This is a transitional task from free-to-play to members-only because it gives you the opportunity to equip rune plate armor. For those who have a free account, having rune armor is very important. Because this is the best result you can get in their game version. If you do not complete this task, you will not be able to access it. At the same time, members can perform tasks that can be seen through rune armor while upgrading their skills.

Desert Treasure

If you want to use magic in battle, Desert Treasure will change the gears of dragon-related rewards, which is a must-complete task. Upon completion, you will receive a book of ancient magic spells. This allows you to use very powerful spells in Old School Runescape. You can access things like smoke spells that poison enemies or blood spells that heal you. Therefore, if you are interested in casting cool spells, start exploring the desert treasures (if you haven't already).