OSRS - A guide to Hazeel Cult

The Hazeel Cult quest is quite short, so your preparation for it should be minimal. That said, if you want to find the cheapest OSRS gold to help you stock up on any task, we recommend that you do so from a reputable source. After all, the last thing you want is a cheat. In any case, let's start with this quest guide.

The Hazeel Cult Quest is a beginner's mission where we seek the truth behind the enormous fortune behind the Carnillean family. It's up to you to decide if the family is worth helping to recover stolen items or if you help Lord Hazeel resurrect through the Hazeel cult. This won't affect the setup too much, so don't worry about finding OSRS items for sale, you should be able to defeat the level 13 monster if you choose a certain side.

The start of the Hazeel cult Quest

To start the quest, head to Ardougne and find the southwest corner to talk to Ceril. After doing this, go down and cross the bridge. From here, head to the clock tower to the east. Enter the nearby cave and talk to Clivet. He will tell you about Hazeel, who was once an ancient Zamorak follower, killed by one of Ceril's ancestors. He will ask you to help revive Hazeel's cult, but at this point we will decline.

The Sewer Valves

Clivet begins to swim away on the raft. Our next task will be to find five sewage valves and direct them in the right direction. The first valve is on the other side of the bridge in the Carnilleans house. You have to turn this valve clockwise before you go behind the house to find the second valve. Turn it to the right as well, then head north of the cave and turn the valve left here. The fourth valve is located south of the penguin cage in the zoo. Turn it right and then head southeast to find the fifth and final valve. You can turn it clockwise and then back to the cave.

You can now take the raft to the Hazeel cult hideout. Talk to Alomone, who will say the Carnilleans butler should kill you before he attacks you. Kill him and you will receive Carnillean armor. It may not be worth much OSRS gp if you sold it, but it will still come in handy.

You have to kill him twice and after the second kill you can use the drop trick to get the armor. Return to the raft to return to the beginning of the canal. Go back to Carnillean's house and talk to Butler Jones. Then go to the first floor and talk to Ceril Carnillean. He won't believe your butler's word, but he'll give you 5 OSRS Gold. It's not enough not to be tempted to buy OSRS gold, but it's still better than nothing.

Help in the Hazeel Cult

If you want to take a different path through this quest, you must agree to help Ceril Carnillean. Learn about the cult of Hazeel as with the method above, but now you'll be tasked with killing one of the Carnilleans. Go down to the basement of Ceril's house and use the poison you got on the beach before going upstairs. You will see that Carnillean Scruffy's dog has died.

You can get the Hazeel Mark by talking to Clivet. We need to go back to the hideout, so follow the previous steps to turn the valves. After boarding the raft, talk to Alomone in the cave, where you will have to find the scroll.

Go back to Carnillean's house and talk to Butler Jones. Look for the key in the chests in the basement. Once you find it, go up the ladder and stairs. Knock on the wall to the east and climb the ladder here as well. Open the chest to get the scroll and give it to Alomone.

Quest rewards

For completing the task you will receive 2000 OSRS gold. You will also receive a mission point and 1500 thief xp. The gold may find its way into some of the OSRS items for sale that you were looking for. Also remember our old advice that if you want more gold in your pocket, make sure you use the most trusted sources of OSRS gold.