OSRS: 5 most easily obtained pets

Old School RuneScape is free to use on mobile devices and PCs, making it one of the most popular MMORPG games. New and old players are welcome to join. When you spend countless hours improving your skills, playing mini games or defeating bosses, there is also a rare opportunity to get pets.

Runescape’s pets are mini-boss or technology-related animals. They will follow you and act as new friends in countless missions and trips to the Grand Exchange. No pets must be easy or guaranteed (except pet stones and cats, which count), but with some skill and a lot of determination, these pets are easier to obtain than other pets.

The 5 descendants of Scorpio-Scorpio

The descendants of Scorpio belong to the 225-level Scorpio boss of the Wasteland. This pet gives you a better chance of getting it, with a 1/2000 chance of getting Scorpio, and it is one of the easiest bosses in the game.

Scorpio can kill at a rate of once per minute. This means that this little scorpion has a 25% chance of biting your heel within an hour. However, due to Scorpia's position in Wilderness and PK'er in general may conflict on this point, Scorpia strives to put her in a higher position.


Skotizo is a boss hidden in the catacombs of Kourend and requires a totem to enter. Although obtaining this totem may be laborious, once you obtain it, you will soon have an absurd feeling of being tracked.

Scottizo has the highest chance of dropping a pet with a 1/65 chance in Runescapes. It takes time to kill (it is estimated that an experienced player can kill 10 times per hour), but there is a totem in hand, which is much faster than the others on the list.

Pet Siren-Siren

Kraken is the easiest killer boss to kill, you only need to assign a level 87 killer.

Kraken’s pets have the same drop rate as Thermonuclear Smoke Devil’s 1/3000, but if you see skilled players killing more than 1 per minute, you can kill them faster.

Its simplicity is also combined with the drop of big loot such as sea tridents and tentacles, so you can make a considerable amount of money while looking for this small sunken ship.

Pet Chaos Elemental-Chaos Elemental and Chaos Fanatic

The special thing about pet chaos element is that it has two sources: chaos element with 1/300 chance and chaos fanatic with 1/1000 chance.

Both are easy to kill bosses, Chaos Fanatic takes less than a minute, and Chaos Elemental can kill up to 20 bosses per hour. This increased chance and simple mane make Chaos Element the easiest boss pet in the game, as long as you pay close attention to wilderness PK players.

Chompy Chicks-Chompy Birds

The first one is easy Chompy Chick. Not necessarily the simplest requirement. You must complete the Diary of the Western Elite and kill 1,000 Chompy Birds yourself. However, this is not one of the toughest or most time-consuming grinders in the game, because you can kill 200 people per hour.

The drop rate of this cute little chicken is about 1/500. This means that there is approximately an 80% chance that the bird will be placed in your bag within 4 hours. If you really want one of these buddies, then you won't have too much competition, and you will soon feel that you can have fun faster than anywhere else in Gielinor.

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