OSRS - 5 fastest skills to reach 99

There are many choices when it comes to maximum skills at Old School RuneScape. Some of these skills are much easier to maximize than others. Some require the use of most OSRS Gold to reach the top. Others can still be acquired much easier than more difficult skills that take hundreds of hours. To help you save time, here is a list of skills that you can acquire up to 99 without grinding.


Crafting can be a quick skill to reach 99 if you have enough OSRS gold. It depends more or less on which path you want to take to reach the highest possible level. There are ways to do it faster, but they often cost more of your hard-earned gold.

For example, for gems using Battlestaves you can take 38 hours for 80 million zlotys. You can shave a few hours with Dragonhide Bodies, which will take you 35 hours for 157 million zlotys. If you want to save as much gold as possible, it's best to focus on blowing glass. It takes 108 hours but only costs 25 million gold.


Who would think that cooking will be one of the fastest levels up to 99? Achieving the maximum level not only takes a while, but also has a relatively low cost. For example, Wine Jugs can take you from level 38 to 99 in 22 hours for 20 million gold.

However, there is a break in this method. When you reach level 68, you stop producing bad wines. When this happens, you can save money by cooking tuna or lobster. This road takes about 27 hours, but costs only 10 million gold.


Prayer is one of the fastest skills you can use to the maximum. This is due to the fact that there are several methods for getting massive XP enhancements. For example, you can offer bones to altars for huge XP. This task can be done at the illuminated gilded altar or at the altar of chaos. Clicking Bones during offers gives twice as much XP as AFK, so if possible you should focus on the first one.

To get to Prayer as quickly as possible, you must use Dagannoth Bones until you reach level 70. After reaching this level, you can unlock Superior Dragon Bones to take you to 99. It takes about 10 hours and costs about 210 million gold. There are other useful methods with dragon heads and troll heads. However, this technique lasts three times longer, so it's best to stick to the bone method.


It's the fastest skill available for you to reach level 99. It's also worthwhile if done correctly. The method is so fast that YouTuber reached level 99 just over 3 hours earlier this year!

Reaching level 99 in Fletching can be achieved for around 120 million gold. The art of dart Fletching is a proven way to quickly take your character to the next level. By switching from brown arrows to Dragon darts, you can reach level 99 at this particular price. You can also save more OSRS Gold with the Fletching Mithril darts. This method costs about 51 million zlotys and takes about 7 hours.


While Fletching is one of the fastest skills to reach the highest level, Firemaking can be one of the easiest ways to reach 99. This is due to the fact that Firemaking has some very simple requirements to advance and make a profit.

Try to avoid Fletching to get the most XP. The combination of burning clones and the Wintertodt min-game takes about 60 hours. You can also bypass Wintertodt completely and simply light the logs. This option will take you to 99 in just 35 hours for the cost of 23 million gold. Just adapt your playing style to the best use of the level. Even if you decide to light the logs, at some point you should check Wintertodt for additional experience points.

These are the fastest skills to reach level 99. Most of them shouldn't have too much impact on your Old School RuneScape Gold. There are other skills that should not overburden you to the maximum. However, if you set the above priorities, you'll see faster than at all other levels.