Ore chasing is fairly straightforward OSRS Gold On my way

Ore chasing is fairly straightforward OSRS Gold On my way down I'd encountered a couple ore pockets so starting with the lowest one I mined it out and continued mining out along the line it pointed me in. When I run into more ore I change course to follow it's line, all the while listening for cave sounds like mobs, water, and lava.

After finding my first diamonds this way I began to hear the pop of lava and very carefully mined towards it.Once I found the small cave system the lava was in it led me to more cave systems, tons of ore, and after a couple hours of mining and two trips back up to the house the long way I eventually reached the surface again, not far from the village.

I had managed to find a bit of everything though not as many diamonds as I'd like. I had a ton of iron and coal, a lot of redstone, some gold and lapis, and enough obsidian for a portal, enderchest, and enchanting table.With all my loot I returned home and added a nether portal room off the staircase below the basement. My first trip to the nether I carefully made my way to a nether fortress, using torches as breadcrumbs.

It's worth noting that if I'd first stepped backwards out of my portal I would have fallen down to lava buy rs 3 gold I added a back stop to prevent this.After getting a blaze rod and some other loot I got out of there and returned home to make my enderchest. All that was left was an enchantment table to use the  levels I'd accumulated from doing the majority of that without dying.