Once repayment has been made the player's belongings

Once repayment has been made the player's belongings may be repurchased from the bank at a discounted figure OSRS Gold If repayment is never made the player's assets will be seized and liquidated and the bank may keep the entire return from said liquidated assets.Wondering how many life I could sell 50M RuneScape gold for and maybe sell it as well depending, not quite sure how much it's worth so..

Given the replies, I think I'd be willing to trade the 50M for 50 life or 6 UBHP.. I'd like to use an MM if possible, hit me up if interested In an online game such as RuneScape, there is an ever present issue that's unique to the virtual world. In the real world, money is finite. Items are finite. In games like RuneScape, gold is always entering the game. Rare items are constantly generated. While we may be many years off from significant damage, the risk is still present with no clear solution in game today; the risk of hyperinflation.

Imagine, five, maybe ten years from now, and nothing has been put in place to stop this. The gold sink added to the Duel arena is the only thing sending money into the void, and nothing is put in place to drain the rare items that constantly enter the game. Bandos Chestplates are worth 10m, maybe less, not because they're any less powerful, simply because they're too abundant. Only the rarest, most recent items have retained the majority of their value, but given enough time this will happen to them as well. What can we do to stop the inflation of an item that can be infinitely generated?

With an item sink, which is exactly what Warding intended to do buy rs3 gold Say what you will about RS3, but while their economy is in the gutters due to nearly two decades of hyperinflation, they've made great strides towards combating this inflation. They've implemented a gold cost to create your own instance in a boss arena, they've added a permanent gold dump in exchange for titles, but most of all, they created a new skill entirely based around being an item sink: Invention.