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It is at this point that the true story of Suikoden begins.On the run from the soldiers of the Empire, you find yourself within the company of a band of rebels intent on liberating the Empire from its corrupt leaders. It quickly becomes

clear that you,RSgole RS Gold as one of the 108 fabled Stars of Destiny,Cheap RS Goldmay be pivotal to the rebel army achieving its goals, and after assuming leadership set out on a journey to recruit the remaining 107 stars. Along the way, you must

acquire and develop headquarters, act as a diplomatic envoy to form allegiances, and seek out and develop experimental weapons in order to topple the corrupt Empire.The story of Suikoden is what set the game apart from all others for me

when I was a child.It is obviously fantastical with its magic and dragons, but the crux of the story is a very grounded, human tale of corruption, politics and friendship. The idea of joining and building an army of rebels, fighting for

a just cause, resonated with me, instilling a feeling of justice. While most JRPGs still to this day run with the clichd premise of stopping a nefarious villain before they can destroy the world and create a new one in their

image, Suikoden s premise is to just simply topple an Empire.RS 07 GoldBolstering the game s solid story is one of the greatest game soundtracks ever created Bolstering the game s solid story is one of the greatest game soundtracks ever

created.RuneScape Gold Buy Each of the game s sumptuous tracks fits the location or situation it is used perfectly, creating the perfect mood and emotions for the events unfolding.With 107 Stars of Destiny to recruit, it s pleasing that the game allows you a party of six characters.