Old School RuneScape: A new co-op mode is coming

Old School RuneScape, after more than a decade of operation, received a major update of a surprising scale that was able to amaze all players!

With the new "Ironman Group" mode, players will no longer be alone, that is, they can form groups of up to 5 simultaneous players to counteract the difficulties of Glielinor. The benefits are numerous, starting with the fact that we will no longer be "everyone to ourselves" and that we will be able to fight different and different dangers together with our friends, sharing resources, loot and glory in the event of victory.

The game has always been very closed and "compensated": each for itself, resources, loot and rewards for killing a monster belong to the unit, while in the new co-op mode we not only have a joint deposit, but we will be able to share experiences, loot and loot with our friends. not only ... even if the trading option seems to be poorly thought out ...

Better than nothing, right?

Old School RuneScape: Group Ironman makes it even more fun

Designed to experience a new gaming experience in a friendlier and more fun light, creating your own group comes with tough challenges, starting with getting your own group together! After meeting the necessary requirements, simply contact our "Ironman teacher" and join the multiplayer challenge with your friends or people online.

Difficulty will continue to be the order of the day as more players mean more powerful monsters, but cooperation is sure to play more than a basic role: all for one and one for all, right?

The little icing on the cake is the fact that the group can even compete for the best score, marked on the game leaderboard, and will write their name in the game legend: a titanic endeavor, but one that will reward the most active and brave players of Glielinor.

We just need to take up arms again and create our Ironman Group: the glory of Old School RuneScape awaits only the strongest!

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