Offer purchasable in RS gold game

Offer purchasable in RS gold game boosts to players for things such as minigames or quests so that they can speed up the process for desired rewards that are not tradable.Most people play this game for interaction with others, combat Focus on these aspects of the game.

Listen to what the customers want. Polling is a start to doing this. Have your in mod team or hell even developers hop onto account and interview players. Ask them what are positives and negatives about the game. Find out what can be done to improve the game.

This kind of customer will play maybe 1-2 hours a day which bring me to my next point. This kind of player will likely never achieve all 99's and probably not even one. They want a relaxed environment in which they enjoy.

This tells me as the numbers show that more people play OSRS Gold than the current RS3 although OS has worse graphics and less updates! This has many implications for the company Jagex and I hope they are aware of this. The company will never compete with something such as World of Warcraft no matter what they do to RS3.

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