Of course I OSRS Gold see that my

Of course I OSRS Gold see that my account is locked and that I need to go to my messages. I see that my account that I played for many hours on the release of Old School, is permanently banned. I'm not too worried, because this has happened before.

On the rd of November , I was banned for macroing gold farming, I sent emails to Jagex, that my account was wrongfully banned. After a week I believe from memory, the bans were quashed and I was able to play again.

I know Jagex have wrongfully banned people before, this is what has happened again.Apparently on the th of April  I was banned for macroing, and of course, I am unable to appeal the ban. This is downright impossible.

Because I have legitimately not logged in for months buy OSRS gold and have not put some serious hours into the game in the past  months, to be considered botting. The only reason for the ban I have in mind, is that somehow my account was compromised and the account was botted.