Now we'll talk about how RS gold Chaotics can be introduced

Now we'll talk about how RS gold Chaotics can be introduced into OldSchool. The main issues with chaotics were that it was just too easy to obtain. Once you got your Dungeoneering level higher, the xp rates and token rates would increase.

This will increase the value and time of getting the expereince/tokens for a Chaotic. Also, one of the issues with chaotics were that they were just too powerful for how easily obtainable they were. With this proposal in changes to the Reward Shop.

These floors will only be used to rush to your higher floors. The reason for this is because Complexity 1 floors will give very minimal xp/floor. Complexity 2-5 floors, however, will consume a charge out of your Ring of Kinship.

One issue with this system would be that people play old school rs on mac will fully complete the floor and just leave the floor so that they don't complete one of their daily floors. To prevent this, the daily floor limit will consume a charge from your Ring of Kinship once you enter the floor.