Now take that same gem and you RuneScape gold could

Now take that same gem and you RuneScape gold could end up paying  gp for it and still only sell for gp and you get  xp for dxp weekend. You’ve paid  gp for  xp. Which is now gpxp: For you beginner merchers out there. Do NOT try to merch skilling items this late.

Don’t try to get into the skilling item market right now. It’s beyond way too late for this dxp. You have to start buying stuff almost before DXP is even announced. You will absolutely lose your ass if you try right now. From one mercher to another trust me.

Don’t It IF you’re going to try it. Summoning tertiaries may be your best option. However, be careful!    If you’ve already bought stuff you should probably be dumping it soon. If you wait until dxp you are going to lose a ton of money when stuff starts crashing and getting dumped.

Most veteran players stock up on supplies months ahead and know exactly what they’re going to do on dxp. Nobody is going to buy k mahogany planks from you halfway through this weekend for GE price.: Don’t waste your time in bat skills. Except summoning or dungeoneering. 

Those skills are already ridiculously fast and are usually OSRS Gold better done just grinding it out on normal xp or MAYBE after you’ve ran out of suppliesmoney for skilling. Train the Grindyslowexpensive stuff on dxp. Such as herblore, crafting, agility, Hunter, etc.