Not a single GP left my OSRS Gold account

Not a single GP left my OSRS Gold account, so to be charged with RWT is absolutely mind boggling.I lost all faith in a ban system that can't differentiate between an actual legit player over a rwter. As I have said, if I did happen to trade with a person who was legitimately banned.

linking me to them makes ZERO sense and is just flat out wrong. I gained absolutely nothing of real life value, and again as i have said, not a single GP left my actual account. Getting automatically banned by a system for someone else's action Pretty big flaw if you ask me.

It just sucks to be lumped into the same category as a RWT offender for swapping gp for them and doing what I thought was legit business. To conclude, what I am asking for is a manual review of the ban placed on my account by a jmod.

To the jmods and higher ups who see this, I am absolutely cheap OSRS gold willing to cooperate with you and I am also willing to supply whatever info i possibly can.Hey there Yeah, I know there were tons of threads about this already.