None of the information guide is necessarily New

None of the information guide is necessarily New. I learned most of OSRS Gold it by digging through Reddit topics. I'm only rehashing it as a new guide because I used the information myself and it worked.

So I'm throwing what I've learned and what I've used here in one place for new people to learn from so that they waste as little time as possible.The Event System.There's a reason that PTCGO charges for event tickets. Those tickets are the only currency that really matters. Well, not exactly.

The actual currency that matters is tradeable booster packs. Unlike the packs that you open from trainer challenges, the ladder, and the shop, which are trade-locked, the packs you get from winning events can be traded.

As far as I know there are three ways to get tradeable packs. From placing 1ste 4th in an event.  From buying packs with a code in them or just buying the code from e-bay Once you reach runescape gold amulet trainer lvl 16 you get them from daily quests.

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