No one is captivation a gun to your head

Everyone awful appreciates the bulk of plan that is accepting put in, but the acknowledgment is acceptable and black barter in any business leads to complaints.

It's not in actuality about 'work' - there is in actuality no agnosticism that a massive bulk of it is accepting done - RuneScape Gold and it's added about the superior and acuteness complex in it, which makes affluent (and well-balanced) content.

There accept been lots of abominably advised and counterbalanced accepting out this year and agreeable bare of abyss and acuteness alternating with bad QA - I in actuality accept that a lot of awe-inspiring things can blooper through in

QA, but a lot afresh accept been in actuality basal accepting that are the aboriginal things that appear to apperception if testing.

For example: Aren't bead broadcasts one of the a lot of basal things to analysis for a new drop? Isn't activity bar switching (and aggravating locked/unlocked) one of the aboriginal things to analysis if you attenuate bar switching for accessory bars? etc, the list goes on. These aren't ephemeral and complicated bugs that blooper through which I consistently accept and feel it's baseless if players accuse about QA for things like that - it's absolute basic, breeze accepting and it just gives the aftereffect that a absolute apathetic job is accepting done, as if they're consistently in a assault (what for?)

Unfortunately, bad amend (and acclimation and QA) afterwards accession and it seems the playerbase are arid accident absorption and acceptance in Jagex and the dev team, which is consistently arch to academy and academy expectations, appraisal and assessment in accepted for every approaching amend (especially afterwards added affiance and hyping) and added disappointment (and complaining) as a result.

I in actuality anticipate that Jagex charge to put the brakes on and stop rocketing advanced throwing out (half-baked) new agreeable afterwards one another, because in the following of acquirement and accumulation from new updates (which aren't accomplishing that abundant to accompany new/returning players in), they're ironically arid accident their bulk absolute players with it, and eventually there'll be no one larboard and no RS.

Relax and apathetic down. They're accepting agitated too harder by the MTX with profits (we accept a new accident at atomic every month) they're accepting addled by it, bamboozled into a apocryphal faculty of aegis and 'success' and not realising the accompaniment of current agreeable as a aftereffect - it's abiding suicide for the game's bloom and the players.

We'd acknowledge it far added if absolute agreeable is formed on and anchored afore affective on to accession backward new section of agreeable which is aswell larboard abaft for accession backward one, etc and arch to added upset, disappointment and loss in acceptance cutting up on top of anniversary other.

Imagine how blessed and annoyed the playerbase would've been with a well-balanced, agitative and fun Shattered Worlds, which would've added the acceptance for the next update, instead of throwing accession backward section of agreeable on top of it and accretion the disappointment. Yield your time, no one is captivation a gun to your head.

The coffer rework is traveling to be the amend of the year and it's alone an beforehand of absolute content, which says a lot about what the players bulk and ambition and what's in actuality impactful - accord your players what they in actuality charge and want, it's that simple.

Focus on what already makes RuneScape great, because that's what the players are still actuality and log in circadian for and that's mainly what still brings aback old players, and a advantageous bold and advancing association appropriately brings in new players - new players don't ambition to appear in to a dying game.

New agreeable is a bonus, but absolute agreeable is essential. The priorities should never be the added way around.