Much like the white RS gold plate above

Much like the white RS gold plate above, the plastic case isn’t a bad thing, since this is a bluetooth board. Whether or not a metal case would affect the BT capability or range, we can say that plastic definitely does not, so plastic is a good choice.

The back doesn’t have any slots for weight additions, but has a nice Obins logo, which is just a bit of smooth plastic among the otherwise matte plastic. The feet are thin rubber stickers, that provide a nice amount of grip, and keep the actual case off the table, and add only about 1.5mm height to the system.

But this actually makes sense since this is an RGB board you really want the white plate so your colors pop off the board. IE the white plate is a lot like a polar bear’s fur it’s just a medium for color reflection.The pcb supports only this one layout.

I don’t know much to say about PCBs and controllers, so runescape gold amulet I’ll mostly rely on the photos to convey that information. I can say that this board is clean, and I didn’t notice any bad soldering. The PCB is labeled with the switch position, so that’s a nice touch. The pcb supports only this one layout.