Mom tried to strangle RuneScape gold me several

Mom tried to strangle RuneScape gold me several times during multiple years I never went to a doctor as thinking about where to set it up and where they will believe me is a nightmareI don't know what to do. Everything I think of feels so wrong. I cannot be right for any party not even myself and I want to die at this point.

I tried as a kid to make my life beautiful and work a bit but badly on myself thinking it must be me that isn't.I tried to make everything beautiful. I have a google docs of believing weird story's my mom did that show neglect.

I tried passiveness even now my brain wants to be to let everything go. Though I can't right now. I feel so damaged and deranged. What ever path I take I don't know whats going to happen but I also do. I feel so much like a child.But I just can't make any kinda of choice that benefits everyone and my mind wants that.

When I look in my moms eyes I see a hurt child. A child cheap OSRS gold who wants everyone to stay a abandoned child which she was. But one that wants to do it with brute force. To push and hold something. Cling to it. Suffocate it.