Million in a stack and I had quite a bit

Million in a stack and I had quite a bit of runes that allow me to teleport OSRS Gold which are also pretty valuable.Here's the fuck up. I'm scrolling through Facebook, and I see an ad from OSRS oldschool RuneScape about double exp weekend. I had heard about this before and was like "sweet I could really use that" Click the link.

It takes me to what looks EXACTLY like the RuneScape website page to sign in. I sign in. It then asks me to authenticate. I'm like cool yeah of course they want to be secure. I do it. It then asks me for my bank pin. I have NO CLUE why this wasn't a huge red flag to me, but i do it, and then it sends me to a dead thread on the RuneScape website.

I'm like "huh weird. Well I must have it." I'm playing RuneScape on my puter during this and suddenly, I lose connection. In fact, the internet to my puter and phone pletely dip out. I have to restart them both to get it working again.I'm thinking this is weird, ask my fiance if she had any problems on her phone.

She says no cheap RuneScape gold but I fixed it so I'm not worried. Log back into my account and notice for some reason I'm in a pletely different place than I was when I lost connection. Okay, whatever maybe it just kicked me out of the area because it was kinda like a mini game area.