Low level account guides on YouTube RS gold any

Low level account guides on YouTube RS gold any other remendationsRemendations or links on where to look for generaladvanced guides about everything really like: skilling, quests, events, items, gold farming, etc.

There is what looks to be a pretty good list in sidebar

but would like more up to date remendations.For both PC I use Windows and mobile I use Android, do you play on rdparty clients or simply the original one I remember that rdparty clients were better optimized and had useful plugins, as for mobile I'm seeing stuff about plugins here in this subreddit.

Thus, what would you say is the best RS client for PC and Android Also, what pluginssettings do you remendFor PC, in sidebar only the links to OSBuddy and Konduit work but I don't know anything about them. For Android, I don't know anything yet.

Any other toolswebsite remendationsWould like more details OSRS Gold on how the game change polls work, like does Jagex poll changes it wants done, do us players suggest changes to be voted on, and how much support is needed for a change I find this important