Looking back to 2021: Ruminations on 15 years of RuneScape

I like to joke that RuneScape is less a game for me and more a lifestyle choice; although after 15 years I must admit to myself that this joke is bordering on reality.

Browsing through these old diaries was an exploration of my personal RuneScape history; I wrote down level achievements, new discoveries and setbacks like my first visit to Varrock. Aware of my low combat tier and afraid of dying at the hands of monsters much stronger than me, I decided to stick to my lead - that would surely save me from the beasts lurking in unknown lands.

It was actually a decision that backfired as I approached the city's south gate and encountered the dark wizards who remained nearby. (You really wonder how much these Varrock guards are paying ...) After I got tired of Varrock, I carefully planned my departure, hoping to avoid another murderous surprise, only to have a near-death survival at the hands of a highwayman near Port Sarim.

Digging deeper, I found pest control strategies and found out about RuneScape's infamous glitch, The Falador Massacre. It was June 5, 2006, and Cursed You celebrated being the first player to reach level 99 by having a party at his house. However, Lag forced him to eliminate them all, and when they left, players who were in the battle ring found that thanks to an unknown coding error in their construction skills, they could attack anyone despite being outside of a special PvP area. found. Unable to take revenge on its victims, the nearly hour-long massacre made RuneScape history.

There were even notes on my bowstring with the money to sew the plans on the page. All in all, I spent months jogging between the flax field, the spinning wheel, and the edge of the Village of the Seers, in a distant monotony, then continued until I was able to reprogram my brain for fun. The end result was a summer spent training my building skills - it's worth it.

It's interesting to see the different styles of play I've indulged in over the years; from breaking bosses, to running a clan to role-play, to hours of skill that allowed me to accomplish a specific feat. Now I prefer to play slowly and rarely use anything that could increase my base XP to be able to enjoy the long journey to the next level. I read a lot when I do this - it is weirdly relaxing the sound of my pickaxe or pickaxe as background noise.

What keeps me coming back to RuneScape is how I feel like a living organism; we are constantly evolving with new challenges and locations. There are skills, intertwined tapestries that bring together different aspects of the gameplay, from making runestones to hunting dinosaurs. My personal favorite is Archeology as it combines the learning of knowledge with excellent skill development.

When it comes to knowledge of RuneScape, never forget the quest threads. Here I experienced gothic horror, epic fantasy and male urge to bake a cake. I will never forget the hours spent in the Temple of Light, although sometimes I wish I could. There is also Old School RuneScape which allows me to go back in time to the original game I fell in love with.

If you play MMORPG for a long time - say 15 years - it really becomes part of your life; whether you prefer to play alone or become an active member of the community. RuneScape was celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and while there were highs - the Elder God Wars dungeon and Azzanadra's Quest - there were also downsides like Login Locked. Even so, I believe RuneScape has the power to hit its 30th anniversary considering how the mobile version and Steam took it to new audiences. I will definitely be around new adventures, especially if they are about penguins or rebuilding my building skills, and when I need a break I can always visit Old School RuneScape.

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