Like all the old adventure rewards

Can we get these apparel become overrides if we accept the abounding set too? I abiding accomplishment so, there are so abounding TH cosmetics that should accept been overrides. In actuality ALL TH cosmetics should be overrides in my opinion.

Tbh anyone just needs to go through and accomplish in fact every corrective annual anytime added to the bold into an override.

Like all the old adventure rewards and accidental apparel blowzy through the bold that don't serve any use alfresco of looks.

Also they allegation to accomplish a architecture standard/rule that no approaching releases accord us corrective items that aren't overrides.

They are still so bad for accomplishing this and it makes no faculty aback it bureau no-one uses them and absolutely it is MORE plan to allegation to actualize an annual with a new id etc instead of just add it to the wardrobe.

SMH humans adage this is what emblem keys are for. Keepsakes should be larboard for items that accept uses/stats, the absolutely corrective items should not allegation you to emblem them.

Ikr the abstraction that it is some how appropriate that you allegation to use a emblem key to accomplish something that's alone purpose is corrective into a corrective is complete idiotic.

I wouldn't apperception if they just move every corrective accouterments from TH into the wardrobe. Things like these, the assignment agenda items, or anytime beforehand ones like Queen's bouncer & Dragon ceremonial.

It's consistently nicer if they are automatically overrides rather than just items we advanced to Diango. Plus we can't emblem a few like the Infected crank accouterments still.

0 decades? I'm vip for all years its been alive and accept all red slots on capital and about all on skiller.

I beggarly I got 2 apache masks aural the accomplished anniversary on my skiller and sitting in its coffer atm.

I'm not dumb, I'll yield the annual and abort it, not gonna banknote it out as for you can and Buy RuneScape Gold will win it afresh in the future.