Leagues III: Shattered Relics launched at OSRS

The hugely popular Leagues event returns to Old School RuneScape this week with an iteration of Shattered Relics. From today until Thursday March 3, players can put their skills to the test in this Ironman Challenge and race to see how they are doing against other players participating in the event.

The previous event, Trailblazer, had over 170,000 players and Jagex hopes to spill over to the Shattered Relics event.

Leagues 3: Shattered Relics Begins

This event is only the third of its kind at Old School RuneScape, and the community is clearly pleased with how past events have progressed. This time there were some minor changes to the format, mainly around the aforementioned Shattered Relics.

Powerful Relics have been destroyed in the alternate version of Gielinor, and players must obtain Relic Fragments through skills, mini-games and defeating powerful bosses. These relics provide powerful upgrades and modifications to the player's character, giving you the best chance to compete and earn exclusive trophies and rewards.

You will be placed in a new Ironman character and will compete to see how long you will hold and where you rank compared to other players. Will you attack the event directly or slow it down to ensure safety at all costs?

You can only access a few skills when you first start the game and complete the tutorial, meaning other skills need to be unlocked during the game. The starting skills are Defend, Thieves, and Fish, as well as the fighting skill of your choice.

In the first RuneScape game, the event also uses and expands the knowledge of the game and takes its meaning to whole new levels. You can find out more about the event HERE, register to play and track player progress.

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