Jagex Moderators will always RS gold have a Gold

Jagex Moderators will always RS gold have a Gold crown next to their name, which makes them easy to identify, Player Moderators will have a Silver Crown but this absolutely does not give them the right to request account information off of you. All official mail from Jagex will show up in your In game mailbox on the log in screen,General scams One scam which is fairly mon which happens a lot is when buying or selling an item

someone who is interested in buying andor selling said item, will buff their trade price with items that don't represent their actual worth or value, leaving you short handed after the trade. For example, you could be selling an item for m gp, and someone could make an offer of m, in items that actually worth m.

This particular scam would be worth looking up and reading up on for more information.Trade Screen sleight of hand  ..Is probably the best way I can describe this scam. It's when you're in a trade screen, usually

dealing with high amounts of money, the scammer will cheap OSRS gold make what SEEMS like a fair trade, and to the eye it is perfectly fair, but before both players have accepted the trade they will remove certain amounts of money just as the trade is accepted