It's enough to keep you RS gold occupied for

It's enough to keep you RS gold occupied for MONTHS. In case you're the  that hasn't had the honor of playing this game... Buy. It. Now.Bloons TD  | PaidTo say that BTD is better than its predecessor isn't entirely true, it's just different

but in a good way! I'll go indepth maybe in a seperate post in the future, but to put it simply, BTD is a more plex version of . There are  different skill trees for each tower instead of , new bloon types, new mechanics such as line of sight

A sniper won't be able to see or shoot through objects, for example, new "hero" monkeys, and shiny new graphics! While there isn't that much content in the game currently only around  maps, no coop multiplayer, some missing towers from the last game

the devs are really active and super cool! They push a patch OSRS Gold every month or so with bug fixes, balance fixes, and new content!    Note: The game needs way higher specs than BTD. My Moto X Play has some serious framerate dips, most of my playtime was on PC using bluestacks.