It has even been said RuneScape gold stuff like

It has even been said RuneScape gold stuff like this was why it happened. I would like to add I have a huge amount of respect for Andrew and mod Ash, and all the poeple at Jagex who fought hard to make Runescape a thing. But there were also apparently some others who did more sinister things within our favorite game.

Alot of people suspected it might've been a mod instead of a developer, because they would've seen it during production. But we unanimously agreed that it had to have been a jagex staff member. honestly from what i know about people that actually work for jagex.

A few filmed gang executions from what looked like the 80s. Only 3 of us actaully were in there and watched some of it. It was sureal, you literally watched your runescape charactcer whatch the screen as you did. It was fascinating.

Then some idiot fucked us and posted a thread about cheap RuneScape gold it in the official RS guy commented that he knew what it was. He alleged this game area contained some kind of disgusting video collection one of the developers or mods had hidden there for some reason.

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