It'd be a whole lot more group OSRS Gold bossing that

It'd be a whole lot more group OSRS Gold bossing that I wouldn't have been competitive at when in actuality, I had exactly the right type of gear and stats to make the most of these new bosses and likely made new friends in the PvM community.

I played myself with my own pessimism, lol.The Third Time I Came Back And Then Left Yet AgainBtw:So this Ironman Mode thing. I was on YouTube one day and stumbled across Munclesonkey's Ironman series and was blown away by the concept.

It was an intriguing challenge and it really spoke to me. Selfsufficiency? Playing the game like it's the world's longest single player experience? A new and organic community dedicated to goal akin to what I first experienced before the removal of trade

Sign me the fuck up And sign the fuck up I did; I had buy OSRS gold a great time playing through the game again for the better part of... months or so? I got up to the Sunspear, grinded out a full set of Subjugation and got Super Antifires to get myself a Royal Crossbow.