It allows you to RuneScape gold see

It allows you to RuneScape gold see TP rotations. It allows you to harrass the enemy offlaner by the sides without pulling creep aggro which is basicaly push the lane because enemy creeps will try to hit you instead of your creeps so them wont die at the same time than enemy ones.

This is very important since it will dictate how to play the lane stage. If the enemy bought a ton of rege stuff probably wont be a good idea to trade blows so a better idea would be to try to deny his exp by pulling neutrals, as we all know this can be done with both

Do not deny your creeps! if the neutrals kill your creep it will give only 25% of the experience if the enemy off is near but if you deny your creeps it will give him 50% of creeps exp. Deny only if he is contesting it.

If the enemy dont bring good rege to the lane you must OSRS Gold prioritize the harrass over the pull strat since is quite more eficient and also demoralizing for the enemy who gonna ask for help to his team mates, which will release presure from your offlaner or mid if they do but