Is Live With New Ships RS gold Controls

Is Live With New Ships RS gold Controls, And More. Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Runescape games have been on a roll when it comes to pumping out new content for Star Citizen on a regular basis. Backers definitely get to experience lots of new content

Upgrades and optimizations frequently. This rings especially true now that patch . has just gone live with new ships and game upgrades.Over on the Roberts Space Industries website the news dropped that patch is live. What do backers gain access to in the latest patch Well

as quickly summed up on the site, it's stated ?Star Citizen . includes the launch of a number of new systems. Some, like the bit conversion, are entirely ?under the hood,? while others are available for use today. the Runescape game now includes a new character

with smoother and better animations. The new dynamic damage buy OSRS gold system has been launched with the Gladius, and will eventually be applied to all old and new ships. Arena Commander also now features a landingsystem detailed below