If you want more info on why I'm doing this RS gold

If you want more info on why I'm doing this RS gold I'm trying to figure out if or when I can expect more profit from something which:    scales from  at level  to  at level , and is more valuable  gold but only has livesvs  scales from  at level to  at level , is less valuable  gold but has  lives.

I'm having fun solving the problem as a whole by myself, and I think I've got it all sorted, but can't figure out the expected value. Anyway, I think this is how Mod Jed found a large number of his targets. Why b through hundreds of thousands of accounts if he even did this when he could just go on Twitch and see wealthier accounts.

I'm wondering if ANYONE has information regarding whenif items will be restored. The message was only sent today and says that it "may take a few days" to return my account to its previous state, but I'm already seeing people get refunded moneyitems so the nervousness I'll be overlookedignored is setting in.

You can also see the entire timeline I posted on my Twitter LatensifyHD runescape 2007 gold If anyone knows when someone got the message in their Jagex message centre in relation to when their items were exactly restored, I'd love to hear from you.