If you want keep OSRS Gold the hands on chest

If you want keep OSRS Gold the hands on chest, head or arms overhead to increase leverage.Also known as Russian Harop natural leg curls or glute ham raises.There are many places to do them under heavy furniture, a telescopic pullup bar placed low For more ideas on where to do them.

assuming you have no counterweight or band, the easiest way is keeping the thighs vertical and bending only at the hips. The more forward and the straighter your hips, the harder it is. Negatives with enough support from the arms to come back up are helpful.

There are two calf muscles, soleus and gastrocnemius. The former is strong with straight knees and the latter with bent knees. To train these do calf raises with one or two legs, preferably on a stair you you can get full range of motion with a slow eccentric and a pause at the bottom.

or you'll just use the elastic energy of gold farming the Achilles tendon.If you have short muscle bellies you probably won't grow much, while if you have good calf genetics you'll grow well even with low loads if you do high volume. Also just doing sports, running, jump roping etc.