If you have never played a Sonic game RS gold this is a great

If you have never played a Sonic game RS gold this is a great place to start. By the way, it's pletely freeOld School Runescape  Free?Technically, this game isn't out yet, but I have been playing the beta that's only limited to a few countries unless you have a membership. Old School Runescape is a mobile port of the classic MMORPG that just about everyone played on their school puters back in . The graphics haven't aged that well, but literally everything else has. Runescape is a joy to play, and is the first and only proper MMO on Android. You have so much freedom to do whatever you want, level up all sorts of skills, and just explore the MASSIVE world around you.The game is very grindy, yes, but no game even es close to the amount of things you can do in this game. You can fish, you can cook, you can chop down trees and light wood to make a bonfire, you can mine, you can smith, and of course you can kill monsters and animals for loot.

It's just a joy to play once you get into it, and the mobile port is nothing short of fantastic. Do yourself a favor and play it as soon as it releases on October thScribblenauts Unlimited  PaidScribblenauts Unlimited is probably one of the most ambitious games ever created. The idea is simple, but it’s almost staggering how well they made it work. This game is a D platformer in which you have a notebook that creates anything you write in it. If you write “wolf”, it’ll spawn a wolf. You can also use adjectives and try being a little more creative, like writing “red giant wolf”, it will actually work, and spawn a giant redcolored wolf. You use the notebook to solve puzzles and help people by spawning things that would benefit them.

To be honest, this game has pretty mixed reviews since it’s a little too easy and sometimes a little too stupid as it doesn’t recognize some obvious solutions, but that really doesn’t stop me for enjoying the game for what it is. Yes, you can literally just apply immortality on yourself. Yes, you can just give yourself wings and make yourself twice as fast as you should be, but that’s what makes it all so exciting There aren’t much boundries for your creativity as reviewers act like there is. Overall, I think it’s an awesome puzzle game that everyone should try out at some point, especially the younger audience.The Enchanted Cave   PaidThere certainly isn't a shortage of dungeon crawler roguelikes in the play store, but this one definitely takes the cake.

The Enchanted Cave is a very straightforward game where it has a very simple cheap RS gold addictive game loop: Go in the cave, get loot and bee stronger, and then get out. Unlike most roguelikes, this game actually has permanent progress. When you level up, for example, you get to keep that level forever, which means you're going to be stronger every single run.And that’s where the addiction es in. The gameplay loop grabs you and never lets you go, leaving you say “just one more run” before turning it off every single time. I don’t know how long this game is, but after putting over  hours and counting, I can tell you it’s a pretty deep cave. If you enjoy addictive dungeon crawlers, definitely buy this game.