I walk out feeling RS gold just as isolated

I walk out feeling RS gold just as isolated, alone and afraid. Also afraid to go to school though he will not get why unless I tell him. Even then he probably will not believe me.I feel bad to report parents when trying somewhat to right a few wrongs even if just. The basics and probably to get me to shut up.

Now that my brother is getting a teeth treatment plan. Some easily showing physical evidence of neglect is wiped clean.How it the police going to believe me How can I do this This family's so dysfunctional days before this I hear signs dad slapped or was going to slap him though he has graves disease I Hear a you don't talk that way with me gonna beat you up or something.

For years I didn't see a dentist then I step into apartment one that looks rich with detailed questions in the paper to fill out, a code to unlock the bathroom. Pretty gold colored walls. Nice seeming people. A coffee machine. With rock candy and splenda.

It just makes so sense it feels so crazy.I feel so OSRS Gold crazy.don't know what to do.Everything was so easy to conceal. Especially as I believed there crap.Were okay but are house is so expensive we can not afford stuff. We do not have teeth insurance.