I think we can all OSRS Gold agree that

I think we can all OSRS Gold agree that OSRS is lacking in having those very fun PvP minigames that give the game a lot of intrinsic gameplay value, and a lot of replay value for players of every level, even maxed ones who have nothing else to do, or low level players who can't get into PKing due to its massive entry barrier, or actual PKers themselves.

I forgot to mention this, but I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could check out my Colosseum of Zeah PvP minigame suggestion, if you have time. I still have to majorly rewrite this crap to make it more readable and make an enticing suggestion post out of it, but if you like any of the stuff I say, you might find some of the ideas here interesting.

And if you're going to do that, you'd be better off considering making Fist of Guthix. Or perhaps giving my Battle Colosseum idea a chance... though I haven't popularized it on reddit to show support for it yet or anything.

Starts you with nothing, gives you really low level rs gold swap stuff like rune equipment or something, it gives you maxed stats for free instead of letting you feel how powerful you are with your normal stats against other players, which also means you don't get to benchmark your progression in the game through the minigame.

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