I think I even got RS gold my dress or

I think I even got RS gold my dress or whatever I was wearing entangled in it. For that moment I felt out of control and very stupid.Especially as n mom and the person who ran it told me something similar and that I was too dramatic.

I don't want to empathize with them I don't want to feel that again they barely deserve it. I barely deserve it too.My brain doesn't know what to think or feel.Maybe I am holding things back. There's something wrong with me.

I feel like even now there's just something rotting in my brain. I know it a couple feelings or thoughts or stress or a headache I don't know. I just feel so stupid and horrible. and I do not't know how to be okay.

Supposed to call the police on n parents this week or soon. Its OSRS Gold my plan but though my heart is sorta is sorta okay with it it also think about all the pain I feel all the pain my parents will feel. All the pain my brother will feel he many be confused and angry with me.