I then added a fence around OSRS Gold my

I then added a fence around OSRS Gold my property, including the reed farm, with plenty of torches to keep the mobs away. I added a pen for sheep and an insideoutside pen for chickens using the back of the inside of my house.

The sheep were easy to get as some spawned right by the village but the chickens were a pain. None spawned nearby so I had to go out hunting for them until I got enough eggs that one hatched. Then I had to wait for that one chicken to grow and lay enough eggs till a second one hatched and I could eventually start breeding them.

In hindsight I don't really need the chickens now that I had an infinity bow but I'd been working on a chicken farm since the beginning. It just didn't work out till it was unnecessary.With my house in order I began working with the villagers, using their farm plots and trading for emeralds.I ended up stopping there for now.

My next goal is to get more XP to enchant a fishing rod and then buy RuneScape gold add a little fishing dock to the small lake by my house. I may end up killing all the chickens and just keeping the sheep.I don't know if anyone will read this far or if those that do will care.