I recently came back RS gold to play

I recently came back RS gold to play rs 2007 again, and I noticed there were a lot less people playing than before! I logged on, and I saw that there is only around 10-15 players on each of the 2 f2p worlds. This got me thinking, why doesn't jagex make these 2 worlds really f2p.

And i'm sure a lot would get into it, and want to purchase membership. I read that a jagex mod, said they weren't ready to introduce f2p, because there would an increase of hijacking, botting and scamming on these worlds.Well, what if at first, jagex only allowed the 2 worlds to be really f2p, only on weekends. This would allow them to control the worlds.

If the result from these weekends is positive, they could make it the 2 worlds are open all the time. After that, if they need to, they could increase the 2 worlds to But that would be after a while. I think jagex just needs to try, as they wouldn't lose much from a weekend or 2 of trying this out. Plus it could always benefit them.

I have gotten some of these ideas from a friend, who OSRS Gold goes by the name of Vincey.What do you guys think about this? Do you think it would help increase the popularity of 2007scape? In the end its just an idea. Remember, if this becomes a popular idea, Jagex would have to make a poll about it, and it would need to get a majority to pass.

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