I once again didn't think much OSRS Gold

I once again didn't think much OSRS Gold of it.Fast forward I get a text message from a friend of mine reliable source and he tells me he was hacked for he was so confused as to how it happened since he too knew everything there was to know about preventing hacks.

I also believe that with just an RSN he was able to see how much gold was on an account, because as I mentioned before these hacks were done VERY low key. I'm sure there were lots of stakers/xers with at least 10b on their account. but he was very selective about who he hacked and was clearly very patient at the start.

Like the title says, I was the first person he hacked, and it happened a good month before he hacked anybody else. This has been going on since the end of April and the majority of the victims were hacked within the span of a couple of weeks in july .

It seems like the only way to have jagex take this kind of thing buy RS gold seriously and get a straight answer is to shine a light on it/put it out there in public. Really didn't want to spend over an hour writing this post and hoped a tweet would suffice.