I might be wrong RuneScape gold but it probably

I might be wrong RuneScape gold but it probably doesn't help to have a system that makes getting large sums of money easy by flipping something as mundane as thread.What are your thoughts? Clearly the GE is going to stick around.

Because players voted it in in the first place. I just find it strange, because it seems like the entire economy is being held up by that kind of "like-to-see-numbers-rise" human obsessiveness that allows for the existence of things like Cookie Clicker.

The Grand Exchange is automatic and takes care of everything for you, cutting down on player socialization. Players don't have to know anything about each other, such as who has a high enough level in X skill to provide you with a service.

Typically meaningless items like thread end up yielding runescape gold amulet a high profit through the GE, making it viable to buy the stuff in Al-Kharid in bulk for the money to buy a set of armor. Sure, some items are  but that doesn't necessarily make them difficult to obtain.

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