I'm sure this has RuneScape gold been asked

I'm sure this has RuneScape gold been asked by everyone here, but is there like a list of trusted people to make a gold transfer from RS3 accounts to OSRS accounts I did a little research on it but I'm curious what the current transfer rate is. Please let me know and sorry if this is against the rules.

We can discuss rates in reddit messages; or on steam. Tell me if you add me on steam though; as I don't check too often. I'd give my items to a middleman, then you give gold, then i confirm middleman to give you the items.

My league account has alot of rare skins. Riot singed, Champ riven, Medieval twitch, grey warwick, riot nasus, and plenty of other skins. The account has been Diamond but i am not sure what the current rank is.

I have a MW Fire Serpent with a 102 float, I've had 2 approaches cheap RuneScape gold with insulting offers for less than half the price of this skin, was looking to get around 170m for it but I'm open to discuss prices, here are some screenshots.

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