I love the case and I was RS gold suprised

I love the case and I was RS gold suprised by the quality. Font and back panel made in aluminium and the inside in some metal. No cheap plastic like you see on some mainstream cases. The case can be pretty challenging to cable manage.

Truth be told, I’ve had an Obins Anne Pro for quite a while. When the opportunity came to review one, I thought I’d branch out from my normal switches, and get a different colorway in for review. So I can say up front that I knew I’d like this board.

And now I have two of them.This review is of the black Anne Pro, with black keycaps and brown if you decide to get it you kinda need custom cables to be able to close the back glass panel. Is anything clearly the best or worst of all these.

There are a number of versions of this board. First of all OSRS Gold there is a black version black case, black caps and four case colors all with white caps: white, blue, pink, and gold or yellow, it’s hard to say Among those case/cap options, there are three switch options as well. All Gateron: Red, Blue, and Brown.