I have two accounts that I play OSRS Gold on

I have two accounts that I play OSRS Gold on Rs: my main that I've had since the start, and an ironman I've recently started playing more on that later.That being said, I've seen and been there for just about every update, overhaul, or controversy that has e to the game.

Even when I took a hiatus from the game, I kept up to date on news and updates regarding Runescape. I merely wish to articulate my thoughts and opinions on various game subjects and represent them in concise statementsdescriptions. This may be lost in the folds of reddit, and I rarely ever post, but these are my own words as a casual participant in runescape's history.  

The Fall of the Wilderness and the loss of free tradeLets start with a spicy one. This has been what people refer to as the start of the "fall" of Runescape. I never really understood why people were so upset that Jagex had to take drastic measures against RealWorld traders, and they had to do it fast.

This is also where I began starting to have a personal hypothesis buy RS gold about the part of the playerbase which dogged Jagex  They couldn't stand change.?    PreEoc: The squeal of fortunemicrotransactionsReleased the same year as I graduated High School along with eoc later that year, I honestly enjoyed it.