I feel that a system RS gold like this would be

I feel that a system RS gold like this would be a great way for players to connect directly with the developers. It would take away the middle man of CM's that we the WoW community have been dealing with for so so many years.

Just a thought, would love to have some discussion on this to see what others may think. Hey, at this point it seems that player outcry is actually starting to work, so who knows maybe this could be the next step Blizzard takes.

Hey everyone. I'm an artist. I am working together with an artist friend of mine to propose an art exhibition regarding the relationship between MMORPGs and real life. A merge between the digital realm and reality.

The goal is to focus on how so many of us can easily get buy RS gold so caught up in the digital world that it begins to blend together with the physical world. How our society as a whole is transforming into this newfound reality that is beginning.