I'd tried to join multiple OSRS Gold clans in the past

I'd tried to join multiple OSRS Gold clans in the past throughout all of my time playing but I inevitably lost interest in all of them, it largely felt like I was intruding into the friend groups of others. The only one I ever enjoyed being a part of was

The Slayer's Guild, which was largely just a clan chat offering advice on and discussing Slayer. At the time most skilling seemed like chores to me and utterly pointless; why exactly would I want to get  Woodcutting or Smithing?

I didn't have anyone to share the journey or the end of it with, and no real ingame incentive to chase these goals either. Group bossing had never appealed to me and if joining a clan felt like intruding. Trying to get into a bossing group felt like trying to join the mob;

schedules, expectations, and largely run as cliques. I shrugged at the old school rs gold time, I could live with not PvMing high end content in groups like the Kalphite King and Nex; there was still content like the QBD and Araxxor. What happened once I beat Araxxor? We'll,