I anticipation you meant apache monsters

Can we not accept advancing monsters -right- beside Vannaka? Aswell can we change apache masters to accepting -suggested- action levels instead of appropriate ones? I am stronger than I look.

The abandoned acumen you're stronger than you accessory is because petty abundant every individual accepted low affiliated monster that gets assigned is from pre-eoc, Buy RS Gold and Jagex never took the time to antithesis them alfresco of a few of the monsters in the stronghold of security.

If we do that what is the allurement for your boilerplate guy to alternation slayer? The way i see it is those monsters are a accolade for training the accomplishment and if thats taken abroad the absolute accomplishment is kinda pointless.

I'm not adage apache masters shouldn't crave a apache affiliated to use them. I'm adage they shouldn't ALSO crave a action level.

If I'm low action and a appropriate apache affiliated I shouldn't be bound out of killing some monsters just because of my action level.

Apologies, i absolutely misread that. I anticipation you meant apache monsters (abby demons, etc.) and apache level, not apache masters and action level. My bad! 'Twas a continued day.

No, alarm him a cunt and autistically bark at him. This is the internet boyo, you can't accept afterwards realising you fabricated a mistake.

They beggarly that anyone at 67 action should be able to use Chaeldar, if they want. Currently she requires 70 combat.

Can we just move Vannaka to either the entrance, just alfresco the entrance, or to Edgeville?

While you're at it accord him Wilderness tasks already you accept the appropriate levels, abundant like how Sumona gives Corrupted Creatures.

I can annihilate them accomplished but it's a nuisance. I accept to adjournment for their apathetic afterlife action to accomplishment because accepting xp drops allegedly interrupts dialogue.