I also have a massive thread in email RuneScape gold

I also have a massive thread in email with Mod Steve W after RuneScape gold I got hacked where I claimed the only way I would've ever been hacked was if it was an inside job. I mostly deduced this because Steve W said that the person who recovered my account had multiple subscription IDs from me buying my membership as well a ton of other horrifically toopersonal information

and with the Membership IDs only going to one of my email addresses that is used specifically for Runescape and has MFA enabled and Google CONFIRMED nobody had ever logged into the account except me, plus I work in IT and have to constantly remind my employees of phishing emailsmalicious programs, etc. Additionally, he cracked my pletely unique  day expiration bank PIN within the first hour of the hack

allegedly.Jagex vehemently denied that it could be an inside job, but low and behold, months later, I awake to a plethora of Twitter DMs and Twitch DMs from my viewers yelling at me to check my account and messages, which is how I even found out this was happening

since, as you can imagine cheap RS gold I immediately quit the game after Jagex refused to look at the evidence that was laid out before them. If you could just even upvote this post to give it more vision, that would be more appreciated than you will ever know.