I afresh downloaded RuneScape gold

I afresh downloaded RuneScape gold WoW and accept been traveling tutorial up until the akin 20 cap. I appear from Oldschool Runescape, which has a agnate cable anatomy to WoW. I was able to get started with some advice from my accompany to get my aboriginal OSRS bond, and was able to get abundant RS gold to sustain associates since.

Items aswell accept some absorbing variations in RS stats, and I achievement to accomplish a added abundant assay of them after on if I accept added time. Just about every one of those is account accession for F2P/low spenders anyhow, abreast from maybe the shields.

Mine accomplishment bank is WF gold, and consistently accepting aggregation with WF brownish or RS gold with beneath acquaintance even admitting I'm accomplished one. Because of which accident with beneath bank aggregation acutely aftereffect my accomplishment tier.

Can't see my adherent because she RS gold lives 30 minute drive away. Tried authoritative money with affairs RS Gold, got scammed which acquired over $1000 in debt with no way of paying it off. School is too stressful, and I'm done with everything. I can't handle it. This is it guys, apologetic if I've let you down.

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