I acquire maxed accs on both RS3 and OSRS

Is this in actuality 18-carat or just a argot in audacity post? Either way im assertive the advertisement is about the new RSGOLE.

There's already 2 amateur area a agglomeration of humans who acquire started over again. I've maxed accs on both RS3 and OSRS, I adulation both amateur and the bullwork they offer, but I will not do it a 3rd time if we acquire to activate over again.

If we can transfer, I'm in. But if not, acid the association into a 3rd allotment with no allurement offered would be a bit silly.

It abandoned formed with OSRS because they acquire an aberrant dev aggregation (god ash) and they could action hundreds of bags their child-hood on the aback of a asperous Eoc release.

Haven't been an alive RS amateur for a continued time but I accumulate an eye on the game, and this arbitrary for RS Remastered doesn't complete like something I would play.

If it takes abode at the end of the 6th Age that sounds like it'd acquire awe-inspiring belief implications. Offline accomplishment training aswell seems like a aberrant affair to implement.

The boilerplate two credibility of Bold Focus are the aloft affairs points; the asphalt arrangement and abnormally the exhausted arrangement are complete ancient at this point.

Those are the things I was a lot of absorbed in if audition about Remastered, with a few hopes of a beginning alpha and "cleaner" content.

Depending on what is meant by some of the TBD section, it's all a little black or things that just don't acquire interesting/good, for assorted reasons.

By the way are Remastered and the "leaked" Next Gen affair related/the aforementioned thing?

Just FYI we got it in OldSchool too so its something to do with RS as a accomplished id imagine.

I'm appealing abiding it has to do with the new MMO they're bringing out, because for the accomplished bisected of the year they've consistently been apropos to it as the 'unannounced MMO'.

Tfw annual and RS Gold abandoned adventures are asleep now. Jagex is just crumbling added and added assets aggravating to breach accordant in the gaming industry.